November 2013 archive

Painting by the Numbers

Four walls.

Three coats of tinted primer, per wall.

One final coat of paint in the final color, per wall.

Plus touch-ups.

I’m almost halfway through painting the Barbie Pink Bedroom to a soothing French Lilac.

Photos when I finish… I have to work in sections and go slowly, or my back gives out.

Ideas for Dealing with Mental and Emotional Stuff

Do you ever find yourself in a mental or emotional rut? Be honest now, who doesn’t?

A co-worker of mine who is about to head out for a six month sabbatical with her family has some thoughts on why this type of funk hits folks in their 40s.

While Tammy with Rowdy Kittens, on her 35th birthday, has provided a list of 35 simple and sensible tips for improving your emotional and mental health.

While I’m all for the power of organization to help improve my life, it’s sure not the only tool available, and not always the most fun one either… so why not take some steps to do something new and exciting or emotionally supportive?

What have I done lately? Well, I started a blog on organizing, heh.

I recently took a short trip to a lovely coastal town with a friend. And I’ll be investigating new ways to re-energize my spirits with the two above links as hopping off points.  ;   )

Quick Tips: Pick One Thing to Keep Clean

Pick one thing or place in the house to always keep clean. For some folks, that will be their stove. For others, the kitchen counters. Pick whatever bugs you the most when it’s dirty and focus on making sure it stays clean.

For me, it’s the floors, especially the entryway. I try to sweep or vacuum on one floor of the house every day. This way, the floors never get too gritty, and it only takes a few minutes. My husband wipes down the kitchen and bathroom floors just about every night, so they are always in good shape too.