Basement Update #1

I’ve been working away in the basement, trying to tame the beast. And I made the deliberate decision to take it bit by bit, spending between 15 and 30 minutes on every work session, so that I won’t burn out.

I knew it would look worse before it looked better, and I haven’t had any surprises there!

I’ve made progress, but not much that would show in a photo, so I didn’t bother taking a new one. When the work involves lots of sifting and moving, the piles of stuff change around, but don’t necessarily show improvement at this stage.

However, I have managed to:

  • Break down and recycled a large number of empty and unneeded cardboard boxes
  • Gather up and ready for donation a lot of pet rabbit supplies. They’ll go to our local House Rabbit Society.
  • Go through and purge the girls’ camping clothing/gear and store the rest in a plastic bin
  • Purchased window film/covers to use to replace the flimsy, ugly curtains, which keep falling down

It doesn’t seem like a lot when writing it up for this post, but it’s progress!  And progress encourages me to keep at it.

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