Basement Update #2

I’ve started working on sorting the items in the basement that I’ll be keeping into broad categories, e.g., books, school supplies, craft supplies, camping gear, etc.

This way I’ll be able to count or measure what’s left when I’m done sorting and purging, and be able to select the proper amount and type of storage containers and shelves.

One category I’ve found that surprised me is the Ugly Vases category. They’ve built up over the years from every time some family members have sent a lovely bouquet. Each bouquet arrived in a big (sadly unattractive) glass vase. And I didn’t feel as if I could get rid of the vases, so I just stowed them in the basement. Even if they were beautiful, I don’t need this many.

So I’ll be donating or recycling them… probably donating, because hey, one woman’s ugly vase is another’s object d’art. I hope.

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