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One Scarf Down

I had big holiday plans to knit hats, scarves, and gloves for eveyone for gifts! Everyone!

I bought yarn, I got patterns. And, so far, I’ve managed to knit precisely one scarf. Heh. I think my dreams were bigger than my reality. And of course in my imaginary reality, I have a lot more time for fun stuff… and far less work and fewer chores.

I grabbed two skeins some bright, spring green yarn, called Nature’s Choice Organic in “Pistachio” by Lion Brand. Please forgive the photos… I couldn’t get the color to read properly. It looks very muddy and olive, but trust me… actually bright spring green. It shows much better on the Lion Brand website.

photo of green skein of yarn

I looked around for a quick, easy pattern that would still have some interest and settled on this pattern, which was graciously provided free of charge by Yarn Harlot.

The yard I had was kind of nubby and textured, although quite soft, and I tried it out US size 8 needles, which resulted in a pleasant width. I just cast on and knitted according to the pattern until both skeins were used up, which was approximately 200 yards of yarn, I believe.

I debated adding a row or two of crochet to each end, or even some tassles, but in the end liked the scarf just as it was. I hope you can get a feel for the pattern in the photo below:

photo of a knitted green scarf