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Free School Lunches Printable Planner

Everyone loves a good deal, right? And no one really wants to spend their time re-inventing the wheel. I know I don’t. Back in the days before my kids starting cooking for themselves, figuring out meals week in and week out could sometimes be an uninspiring task, and the default peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a piece of fruit may have found their way into the lunch bag just a bit too often.

Ginny over at Organizing Homelife has some help to offer for for busy parents. She’s got a post up with several sites she recommends for getting fresh, new school lunch ideas, along with a download of her very own cute and colorful free school lunches printable planner to help make this task a little bit easier. The planner has entries for five days and spaces for four kids, so everyone can have their own individual lunches if desired. She’s also got a great tip for how to create a home-made dry-erase cover for the planner, so you don’t need to keep printing it out every week!

Bento apple bunnyHer post made me remember that back when my girls were in middle school, homemade Bento box lunches became a fad. A group of their friends were competing to make the cutest looking, healthy lunches. Some kids were even doing things like carving apples into bunny sculptures!

These lunches look like they take some planning and time, but if the kids are willing to do some of the work, get enthused about healthy lunches, and learn some kitchen skills, you might find them just the ticket. You be the judge about whether your kids are old enough to handle a kitchen knife, but even younger kids could help with packing the box. A few sites that have some fun photos and recipes are:

Just Bento
Laptop Lunches
How To Make Rabbit Shaped Apple Slices

Nom, nom, nom!