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Ding Dong the Pink is Gone

I am so relieved to be finished with re-painting the bedroom from Benjamin Moore’s Fuschia Kiss… an incredibly deep and vivid pink, to Benjamin Moor’s French Lilac (soothing pale purple) with an accent wall of BM Crocus… just a bit deeper purple. No longer will everyone who enters this room appear pink. No longer will a shimmering pink haze reflect out into the hallway. Ah!

BEFORE Barbie pink paint color AFTER purple1

Painting by the Numbers

Four walls.

Three coats of tinted primer, per wall.

One final coat of paint in the final color, per wall.

Plus touch-ups.

I’m almost halfway through painting the Barbie Pink Bedroom to a soothing French Lilac.

Photos when I finish… I have to work in sections and go slowly, or my back gives out.

Goodbye Insane Barbie Pink Walls

Barbie pink paint colorWhen we bought this house nine years ago, we let our daughters choose their paint colors for their bedrooms. Clearly the stressful process of home purchase had taken a toll on our reasoning abilities, and that’s how we ended up with one bedroom a deep, vivid, unnatural, insane Barbie pink color. It glows with a sci-fi, radioactive flair. Everyone turns pink when they enter that room.

Imagine my delight when our daughter recently expressed the desire to paint over the Barbie with something a bit more muted.

Had I been waiting desperately for this day to arrive? Does a bear pee in the woods? Does Homer Simpson say “Doh?”

Our first step was to head out to a paint store and look at some swatches. She wanted a purple color, I was willing to consider a muted lavender. We picked out four we both liked and painted test swatches on the wall.

The winner is:  either French Lilac by Benjamin Moore, or Blue Orchid, by Benjamin Moore. More to come when the paint job is finished!