Framed Fused Glass Piece

framed piece of fused glassI’ve always had a fascination with glass and the amazing way it can be melted and molded and blown and fused into amazing shapes and useful items. When my girls were quite young, I took a class on how to create glass beads and had an absolute blast doing this for a while. The main problem was lack of time (gee, full time job, twins, chores, wonder why time was an issue?), but I also found that it seemed like a craft that really needs a safe, secure location to do, and we didn’t have space either. Three years ago, I saw an ad for a class on glass fusing, and I snapped at the chance to take it. It was a very fun and informative class and an amazing glass art studio. Since it was a beginning class, we only got to make a few pieces, but I did come out of it with some nice glass coasters, a vase, and a couple of little practice pieces. I’d had my favorite little fused thingamabob just hanging out in a box for quite some time, and it struck me that I could frame it. If I can mount and frame spray-painted plastic animal heads, why not a pretty piece of glass? As you see from the photo, the fused piece is white and pink, so I took a piece of heavy white card stock, painted it with some left-over Benjamin Moore latex Coral Essence¬†(2007-40)¬†eggshell paint and then glued the glass to the card stock with a bit of Weld Bond. I found a nice white square frame with a mat, and put the glass into it… I left the glass front inside the frame behind the card stock and glass, to lend support and fill the space properly. And now it’s hanging on my office wall and I love it!

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  1. Cristin @ Eve of Reduction
    February 3, 2014 at 12:13 am (3 years ago)

    I would love to take a class like that! I love the coral color – really makes it pop.


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