The Monster in the Basement

OK, it’s true… my basement resembles a horror film. Or at least what constitutes horror for me… lots and lots of clutter and very little organization.

We’ve lived here for nine years. In the beginning, we set up the basement in a lovely, tidy fashion, and made a space for our bunnies to live in one room. The storage closet was neatly packed with things we didn’t use every day, but used enough to want to keep. We knew the shelving systems in both the storage closet and the utility room were rickety, but they sufficed and we were so busy with other projects that we let this one slide.

Cue to the present day… a foolish women walks down into the basement and eeeeeeek!


You see the problem, right? And this one corner of the basement is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over time, our basement has become (madly, impossibly) cluttered as we accumulated more stuff and did not take the time to create systems to deal with it, or take the time to decide if we really, really, really needed to keep the things we were tossing downstairs.

It was all too easy to just chuck things in the basement.

But that’s going to change, slowly and bit by bit, but nonetheless. I don’t want to carve out the days it would take to take care of this problem in one go, so I’m attacking it bit by bit… fifteen minutes or a half hour every day or so.

I’m starting with the easy stuff. Why not? Success breeds motivation and I’m not fussy… with a project this size, I’ll take the easy steps to motivation. I’ve been going through the basement and grabbing empty boxes and old papers that we do not need, cutting them down, and recycling them.

That’s my step one. Stay tuned for future updates.

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