On the Level

Several weeks ago, on the Nextdoor forum, a neighbor advertised an original oil painting for sale for only $50. I loved the photo she’d posted, I replied, and that painting was mine!

It’s from an Etsy shop and the artist is named Leonid Afremov. I really like his other works too!

Leonid Afremov oil painting

I brought it home, so excited to hang it in my bedroom, but quickly realized it was too big and too heavy to hang from just a single hook.  Matters were suddenly more complicated, because I was going to have to attach two D rings to the back of the frame, and figure out how to hang it so that it was level.

I know, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve had way too many experiences hanging things with two hooks, only to have them be just a little bit out of alignment. It’s the visual equivalent for me of fingernails on a chalkboard.

But, I measured twice, even three times. I took my time and carefully made sure the placement of the D hooks on the back of the frame were measured exactly.

They were perfectly aligned. Level. Success!

I made sure the marks on the wall for the picture hooks were measured exactly.

They were perfectly aligned. Level. Success!

I hung up the painting, took a few steps back, and got ready to congratulate myself. And yes, everything was indeed perfectly level.

Unfortunately, my perfectly level painting is placed WAY too low on the wall. Like about six to eight inches too low.

If I were running an art gallery intended to be visited only by second-graders, this painting would be at the perfect height. But…

Back to the measuring board.

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