Putting Paint to Canvas

photo of painted canvases on dresserWhile I was painting my daughter’s room, I ended up with quite a few little sample size pots of paint in various colors. I was casting about for what to do with them, when I realized that I had three pre-primed, 12″ x 12″ canvases. So I chose one of the purple colors I liked best, bought two more samples in colors that I thought would look great against a purple wall, and painted the canvases using one of the Purdy 2″ paint brushes I had for painting the trim in the bedroom.

My plan was to glue photos chosen by my daughter onto the painted canvases and hang them in her room as cheap, pretty, fun artwork.

Well, my daughter didn’t care for that idea, but it’s my gain, because I really like how they turned out and how they look against the celery green walls in my bedroom. Right now, they are set up on a table in my bedroom and look bright and cheerful, if a bit unfinished.

I am thinking about what I could do with them, and might still go with my original idea of using them as picture “frames,” but I’m also investigating attaching objects to them.  For example, I think the little netsuke man in the photo would look nice framed in the purple square. This might very well be too heavy for canvas, so I’m mulling things over. A piece of wood to back up the canvas, perhaps? Giving up the idea of attaching something so heavy… perhaps.

The colors are all from Benjamin Moore in Eggshell finish:

  1. Blue Orchid (2069-50), which is a really lovely blue-purple color
  2. Dalila (319), a cheerful sunshine yellow
  3. Coral Essence (2007-40), essentially,well, coral pink


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