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Adding closed storage to an IKEA Expedit

I have liked the IKEA Expedit I use in my bedroom for storage, but have concluded that I’m just not an “open storage” person. I find the cubbies get dusty really quickly, and I don’t like looking at everything that is being stored, especially in a bedroom, where I want the vibe to be calm.

See what I mean?

IKEA Expedit shelf

Not dreadful, but nothing I want to see every day. Except the cat, of course.

I purchased four Kottebo baskets, two Kallax drawer inserts, and two Kallax door inserts. Putting the baskets together was simple, they fold open and then the bottom flips down. I like the color and texture of them.

The drawers and doors were a bit more work to assemble, especially screwing the inserts into the sides of the shelves. If I do any more IKEA assembly, I will definitely invest in an electric screwdriver. The only other challenge was my cat, who was overly interested in what I was doing, and at one point batted a wooden dowel and started chasing it.

The doors were a bit of a pain to make level, square, centered in the space. But in the end, it was worth all the effort.

IKEA Expedit shelf with drawers and baskets

Much better!